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The best summer tires of the budget segment

>In the presented ranking of the summer budget tires are tires cost from 1.2 - 1.5 thousand rubles. This is a small price for rubber. The kit can be purchased for about 5-6 thousand rubles minimum. It all depends on what size summer tires you

Top cabin filter rating

>Thanks to cabin filters, both the driver and the passengers, while driving in a car, do not breathe with exhausts, soot and dust emitted from other vehicles. The filter limits the ingress of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into the

Nuances of choosing an air filter for a car

>Most drivers, both experienced and newcomers, are quite scrupulous about changing the oil filter, trying to comply with the recommended time limits recommended by the manufacturer. But with regard to the air filter, the situation is slightly

How to pass driving around the city without errors

Many students driving schools call driving around the city (exam) one of the problematic stages of obtaining a driver's license. Even knowing the theory perfectly, being able to easily get under way and being guided in the dimensions of the vehicle,

Used volkswagen tiguan - profitable mid-size crossover

The modern car market is experiencing a crisis, like the entire economic system of the country. This is eloquently told by the facts provided by the AEB automakers committee. According to the committee, compared with October last year in 2016 for the

What is engine torque and how to increase it?

Что значитengine torque? Сила вращения коленчатого вала автомобиля – качественный показатель работы двигателя. Характеристика получила термин «крутящий момент». КМ отличается от силы вращения, происходящей снаружи, внутренним воздействием на вал. От

Features of the choice of air suspension

>Although the first patents involving the creation of air suspension for automobiles began to be registered at the beginning of the last century, in practice these ideas could not be implemented for a long time. And only in 1955, the Citroen DS-19

Car loans or consumer loans: which is better?

Buying a car is considered quite troublesome and costly. Not everyone has the opportunity to accumulate on the desired model of the machine. In this case, a citizen has two ways: use a car loan or take a consumer loan. Each of these options has its

Buy a used bmw x3

>By right, the light BMW SUV X3 2003-2010 year gathered a huge crowd of fans from around the world who are crazy about the model of these years of release. It can also be said that the series, released during this period of time, is a “happy

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner

>Many drivers have long used small car vacuum cleaners, the main difference between which from the ordinary - dimensions and no need to connect to the power supply. But not everyone knows those moments that you should definitely pay attention to
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