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Rating the best car mats

>Car mats are often not bought as a matter of necessity, these are plebs, which exist in the world of other, equally popular car accessories. The importance of car mats immediately given to determine the purchase and selection of the optimal

For any weather: fog light test

>Most modern cars of middle and premium class are equipped with special fog lamps, which allow to increase the level of safety when driving in bad weather conditions. However, small cars and budget modifications of other vehicles are usually

Rating of ukrainian sites for the sale of cars

>Modern rhythm of life is very tense, and there is not always time to sit quietly during working hours in the cabin, choosing a car. Online services come to the rescue: you can go shopping at any convenient time of the day. In addition, the choice

The coolest car in the world

The presence of a car in the modern world can hardly surprise anyone. Only the coolest cars in the world can evoke positive emotions. They are usually produced by legendary companies that have managed to get flawless recommendation from users. The

Traffic police fines - how and where to pay easily for

>Violators of the rules of the road, as a rule, are not so terrible amounts for violations, as a headache caused by ignorance of how to pay them.Читать далее о том, как и где платить легко за нарушения ПДД-->Most of the perpetrators in the old

How to choose a liquid for flushing nozzles?

Liquid for washing nozzles will allow to cope with sediments formed due to the use of low-quality gasoline, diesel. For washing it is worth using compositions from well-reputable manufacturers. Usually they are poured into the gas tank, directly into

Car first aid kit-2017: composition, requirements and

Health problems can overtake the driver and / or passengers in places far from the point of first aid. Unfortunately, a purchased first-aid kit for a formal inspection is often useless if the situation is serious. What should be in the first aid kit

What categories of driving license are relevant since 2015

In some countries, a driver's license, in addition to his direct appointment, is a substitute for other identity documents, such as a passport. The plans of such an application of rights in Russia. However, now the document lists only the categories

The right choice of tubeless tires

>Modern manufacturers of car tires offer a choice of two options - tube and tubeless tires. Every driver knows that tube tires are significantly inferior in terms of tubeless performance. But this is not enough to make no mistake when choosing

Top car audio systems

>Cars are not always equipped with good audio systems. In addition, quite often the speakers are installed incorrectly, therefore they cannot provide a decent sound quality.Let's see what kind of audio systems there are at all. Indeed, in the
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