Auto repair

How to check iac using multimeter

В системе управления двигателя внутреннего сгорания одним из важных элементов является регулятор холостого хода. Качество его работы оказывает непосредственное влияние на эксплуатационные характеристики силовой установки. Отвечает устройство за

Install flame arrester instead of catalyst

The catalyst is an element of the exhaust system of the car, which is responsible for cleaning the exhaust gases. In other words, the catalyst burns out exhaust gases of a car to ecological standards. Unfortunately, like most parts of the machine,

How to choose a car leather covers

Abroad, the use of autocovers is considered the prerogative of tuning fans, while in Russia they are exclusively business-oriented. About 80 percent of car owners at least once used covers, which is why today we will talk about how to choose leather

Adjust the valves vaz 2107 do it yourself

The performance of all vehicle systems depends on the smooth functioning of the elements among themselves. This applies to both new cars and the outgoing models of the “classics” of the domestic auto industry. Car owners of such vehicles are often

The instrument panel vaz 2114 (symbols, description and

VAZ 2114, also known as Samara-2, has a hatchback body type and is equipped with five doors. Favorably different from the previous models of VAZ body design, found its fans and tuning enthusiasts VAZ 2114. The cabin has a new instrument panel VAZ

Tinted car do it yourself

Protect the interior from exposure to the sun and prying eyes, to give it a more presentable look will help tinted glass. Run it yourself is quite capable of any car enthusiast. Beforehand, you should stock up with tools (household or building hair

Dodge oxygen sensor do it yourself

In the world, the number of motor vehicles is growing every year, with which the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from working engines increases. In this regard, significantly increased requirements for manufacturers of transport on

The reasons for the increase in fuel consumption on the

Cars equipped with electronic fuel supply through an injector, by right, have lower fuel consumption than carburetor engines. There are cases that at first glance an absolutely serviceable car consumes quite a lot of fuel. We measure fuel

Renault megane: buying from second-hand and the cost of

Used Megan thanks to its affordable price attracts many. The machine, released before 2009, looks very modern, and with a good configuration it can even compete with modern new analogues.In 2002, the design of the car seemed European, accustomed to

Replacing the pump gur do it yourself

Power steering, under the short abbreviation: power steering or power steering, has become an integral part of most vehicles. From the title it is clear that the principle of operation is based on the laws of hydraulics. For operation, the mechanism
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